Yes, the brand in particular and not just a subject of sale. And yes again, just love it! This is not an appeal to buy a product; this serves to shape in consumer's mentality a character, an image of a product. Thereafter, the desire to buy a product, to use a service, arises by itself without reminders.
Of course, the role of direct advertising in promoting a brand, a company, a service cannot be understated. When making a clip, a model, outlining a media plan of placing fruits of our out-of-the-box creations we assist you in reminding about an existing product, declare a new one, and bring important advantages and properties to light. But oftentimes mere informing is not sufficient. To make your potential customers choosing just your subject of sale or service, they need to want it emotionally and trust your company. And the trust can be gained through development of strong ties with the target audience and winning its loyalty
There is an incredibly large number of methods and ways for competent PR events. Articles, storylines, comments in mass media, participation in socially high-profile events, active attitude in social networks, and other image-building expressions. And in each case we develop a way of a strategy of such kind with an exclusive approach by seeing individuality in each object of promotion, be it a subject of sale, a brand, a company or stand-alone personality, i.e. managers of enterprises and political figures.

Apart from customary PR-promotion we direct our irrepressible energy and aspiration to follow global trends, develop for our customers individual projects with unconventional and unexpected expressions and activities, which can hardly be called promotions but rather just an engagement of a target audience in the very life of a company.

It is worthy to specifically point out that a competent PR is built on two important aspects, i.e. creative approach and correctly lined up texts. The concept of a creative approach includes the idea of the promotion itself and the very subject which we use to address the conscience of a target audience, i.e. the content of communication. And texts represent a form, an appearance, an image communication, whether it is an Instagram page or TV spot. With this our workforce is manned with professional journalists creating such words and texts.