Іmage design

The new area of business of the agency!
Image-designing as publician personality marketing.
Image-designing is a work with an impression that a man makes on wider public. So, it seems to us that such work is akin to the sphere of advertising and PR services provided by us.
The services of our studio are designated both, to create appropriate images of social and political figures, public personalities, business leaders, and to design an image for participants of special projects: TV shows, fashion events, image-building projects, PR-projects of whatever level. An image is not just a personal appearance, but a set of associations that we want to evoke in wider public on the basis of wishes, initial data and tasks. An image helps broadcasting into the world a certain idea and certain objectives, and this is a pretty new, interesting, fine and required kind of marketing for a personality participating in a project. .
Therefore, image-designer is a creative combination of an artist, designer, psychologist and marketing specialist. And stylists on hair, makeup artists, clothing designers render already their assistance in bringing his idea, associations, being in essence a paint palette which a designer blends depending on tasks and feelings.
The image-designer, ideologist and leader of each project is the owner of the studio, Olga Stoycheva, who follows the methodology of Dr. Bogomolov’s International school of image-designing.
We are open, inspired and ready to begin a challenging but a fascinating work.